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TBH Global Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor focused on financial planning. We work together, as a team, to manage your investments and provide professional advice on all your financial matters. Since inception, we’ve positioned ourselves to always put our clients’ interests first, viewing every relationship like a partnership.

All our advisors live and work in the Nashville area and have strong and deep roots in our local community. Many local charities benefit from our contributions and participation, and we are heavily ingrained in the community. We strive to develop stable, multi-generational relationships that benefit families for generations to come.

We measure success by identifying risks and achieving client goals. In an industry where financial advisors often move from firm to firm, which can be disruptive to the client, TBH prides itself on creating stable, long-term relationships.

The TBH Story

Plodding wins the race. This is the famous last line of Aesop’s fable “The Hare and the Tortoise.” Not only do we believe plodding wins the race, but history has been a terrific guide in emphasizing this theme. One of the most challenging behaviors, however, is having the patience to stick to a plan and not follow the herd in certain times. The symbolism of the turtle in the fable became ever apparent in how we work with our clients to ensure the prudent long-term success of their financial goals. Longevity, blessings, journeys, patience, protection, and wisdom are just a few of the words associated with the turtle and resonate in our daily routine. The Advisors of TBH Global Asset Management embody these traits and strive to bring clarity to each client’s financial life. Every TBH Advisor believes that the more we plan, the higher likelihood of success, and more peace of mind the client receives.

Too often the word ‘trust’ is abused in our industry. Many times, clients are unaware of the fees they pay and how their investments are managed. The TBH philosophy believes there should be full transparency between client and advisor, and the relationship should be based on a fiduciary standard.

Meet the Davis Reynolds Team

Your relationship with TBH will be built upon a foundation that represents your best interests at all times. We will continually strive to achieve your goals and objectives. Our priorities revolve around protecting capital, minimizing losses, and focusing on generating positive returns that are commensurate with your risk level.

Our partnership will be centered on clear and frequent communication. First, we must understand your goals, objectives, and concerns. Secondly, we want you to understand our principles, philosophy, and comprehensive approach to serving your needs. You should never be surprised by our processes or methods. We want to build a solid foundation that will withstand the test of time and provide a level of comfort that is the result of integrity, hard work, and care.

Meet Sam Davis: Advisor / Partner

While growing up in the small town of Franklin, TN, Sam learned the values of honesty, candor, and hard work from his family members. Through his love of sports and passion for life, he established many life-long relationships that he values. His love of water sports led Sam to White Water Slalom Kayaking where he went on to be a multiyear USA National Champion and an Alternate in the Olympic Games. Living and competing abroad helped shape his view of the world and forge global friendships that exist today.

Sam brought his high work standards to the financial world after achieving a Masters in Business Administration degree. He obtained his Certified Financial Planner™ designation while working for an international financial institution. Sam saw a need for a more personalized approach to client relationships and envisioned financial solutions that were tailored to the desires and needs of his clients.

As a result, Sam found his way to TBH Global Asset Management, a firm that shared his philosophy for client service. Sam strives to achieve asset preservation and prudent growth for his clients while placing them in investments that meet their long-term savings goals.

Foremost, Sam cherishes his loving wife Sharlo and three daughters, Avery, Hayden and Reagan. They have a church home at Hillsboro Presbyterian Church where he is a leader in many areas. His charity work includes leadership positions in The Nantahala Racing Club, Owls Hill Nature Sanctuary, and Greenways for Nashville.

Meet Phil Reynolds: Advisor / Partner

Growing up in Nashville, Phil always found enjoyment in the interactions with people while helping others in the community. After getting his degree from College of Charleston, he worked in multiple industries hoping to find his long term professional passion. He worked in the political world of Washington, DC after school but knew his heart was always back home in Nashville.

His parents ingrained a strong work ethic in him to be the best at all he does and while maintaining his integrity in the process. Family is extremely important to Phil, which explains his focus on helping families achieve their long-term financial goals and planning for both the expected and unexpected events in life.

Phil has experienced life’s unpredicted turns first hand as his mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at age 54. He has helped his family plan for the long-term financial obligations associated with this disease and has used this experience to ensure every family he works with is prepared financially for the obstacles life can present.

Phil obtained his Certified Financial Planner™ designation while working for a global financial institution, a distinction very few financial professionals hold. He used his training and expertise from this designation to develop and continually improve a well-rounded client service model. This process driven approach allows Phil to ensure he delivers on the promises he makes to his clients and completely understands the goals of each family.

In 2009, Phil decided to join TBH based on their service philosophy and approach to managing client’s assets. The personal approach to client relationships continues to be a pivotal part of his practice today. As a partner, he has helped grow TBH to be a respected Registered Investment Advisory firm in the Southeast.

Phil lives in Brentwood with his wife Kelly and three beautiful daughters, Elizabeth, Madeline and Sydney. He is the Board Chair for Christian Community Services, Inc. and supports other organizations like Barefoot Republic and Alzheimer’s Association.

Meet Nick Warf: Financial Planner

Nick joined TBH in July of 2015. He brings over 15 years of experience in the investment industry to the team. Nick’s role as a Financial Planner allows him to interact with clients and help them build comprehensive financial plans for their future.

Prior to joining TBH, Nick worked as an investment officer with Independence Trust Company in Franklin, TN and at Hays Advisory in Brentwood, TN.

He is a member of the CFA Society of Nashville and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the society as President. Nick received his Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from Belmont University in 2000. He enjoys golf and all things Vanderbilt athletics. He is a lifelong Middle Tennessee resident and currently lives in Franklin with his wife Lynne and son Parker.

Meet Gina Finchum: Administrative Assistant

Gina manages client services for the advisors and all administrative duties. Her reputation as a “people-person” makes her perfect for this role and highly-valued member of the team. Gina enjoys the daily learning experiences and client interactions that keep her job interesting and challenging.

Born in Oklahoma, she relocated to Nashville 12 years ago. She likes the outdoors, being active, cooking, and gardening. Gina also loves being involved in the lives of her three children and four beautiful grandchildren.