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Solving the financial puzzle is a daunting task. At TBH, we take pride in unique solutions and client-oriented results. We will work with you and your family to develop a financial plan that provides a roadmap for your long-term financial benefit. Areas that we often address include: retirement, education planning, business, estate, major purchases, insurance, taxes, and asset allocation. Every family has a unique financial situation. We tailor our solutions to address each area for your long-term financial success.

At the foundation of our processes and services, you will find an emphasis on communication.

TBH Advisors strive to help our clients have a complete understanding of their investment allocation and every detail of their financial plan. Communication is the key to any relationship, and we live that value to the fullest.

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Business Planning

We understand how hard you work to build your business. Through proper business planning we will assist you in planning for both short and long-term goals, address roadblocks, and allow you to spend more time growing the business.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming. We will craft a detailed plan designed to achieve your long-term retirement goals. Together, we work closely with you to map out the necessary steps to reach them. We will monitor the plan through life’s events to make sure that we are still on track.

Tax Planning

We will work with you and your CPA to ensure we are maximizing ways for you to defer more money towards your retirement and minimize taxable events throughout our relationship. We will also help you understand best practices to save on your tax liabilities.

Investment Planning

Portfolio transparency is extremely important to us, and we understand that the investment world can be extremely complex. At TBH, we strive to provide clear communication to help you have a better understanding of the global market dynamics. Together, we will create an investment policy that will help determine the best investment strategy for you.

Insurance Planning

There are many ways to use insurance to protect what’s most important to you. Working in harmony with our insurance partners, we perform an in-depth review to make sure all of your assets, income, and lives are properly protected.

Estate Planning

A sound estate plan protects you and your family to help ensure that your heirs are protected. Often times, we observe most families don’t have adequate contingency plans in place for the unexpected. It can be as simple as a spouse not knowing where/how to access a will. It can be as complicated as planning for a special needs child. We work hand-in-hand with the needed professionals to make sure your estate plan is sound.

How Can We Help You Meet Your Financial Goals?

The Davis Reynolds Team has concrete processes in place to develop a financial plan to meet your long-term goals.